Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

To meet the requests from Texas teachers, Refusing to Forget is developing curriculum specifically designed for K-12 classrooms. These forthcoming lesson plans will provide historical context and activities for educators interested in incorporating the historical markers, which were recently passed by the Texas Historical Commission, into their local history units.

As we continue to develop curriculum, we would love your feedback. Please send your suggestions to Monica Muñoz Martinez at monica_martinez@brown.edu.

The Life of Jovita Idar

Slide Show of The Life of Jovita Idar


This lesson plan was written specifically for Texas seventh grade classrooms and provides historical context and activities for educators interested in contextualizing the Jovita Idar historical marker. Idar was a journalist, teacher, nurse, feminist and civil rights pioneer who fought for the rights of Mexicans and Mexican Americans living in the early twentieth century. The purpose of this lesson plan is to encourage the discussion and remembrance of a local hero and to gain a better understanding of the context of Jovita Idar’s advocacy.