Historical Markers

The team started supporting applications for Undertold Historical Markers in 2014. The Texas State Historical Commission approved two historical markers in 2014, a third in 2015, and a fourth in 2016. In October 2017 the team unveiled the first historical marker in Cameron County to recognize the unknown victims of La Matanza (The Massacre) in 1915.  The team also coordinated unveiling ceremonies for markers in Webb County for the civil rights pioneer Jovita Idar, in Hidalgo County to recognize the tragic murders of Jesus Bazán and Antonio Longoria in 1915, and in Presidio County to designate the site of the Porvenir Massacre in 1918.


La Matanza, Cameron County | Jovita Idar, Webb County | Jesus Bazán & Antonio Longoria, Hidalgo County | Porvenir Massacre, Presidio County | Antonio Rodríguez, Edwards County

This undertaking reflects wider efforts in Texas to recognize previously ignored or overlooked people, events, communities, and structures in Texas history. County historical commissions recently unveiled related state historical markers in Anderson County to memorialize the 1910 Slocum Massacre and in Karnes County to honor Gregorio Cortez. To date, the Undertold historical marker program has unveiled over 100 state historical markers.

Check back for updates and announcements for upcoming historical marker unveilings.