Our Team

About the Project

In February 2013, a group of professors met at the National Association of Chicano Chicana Studies Tejas Foco in San Antonio, Texas to discuss strategies for commemorating the centennial of the period of widespread, state sanctioned anti-Mexican violence on the Texas-Mexico border (1910-20). In collaboration with Texas residents who have conducted research and maintained invaluable archives, Refusing to Forget is a multifaceted project that seeks to incite public conversations through efforts such as: museum and online exhibits, historical marker unveilings, lectures, and curricular materials for public school teachers.

Ongoing Efforts

  • Exhibit at Bullock Museum (2016)
  • Traveling Exhibit
  • Encyclopedia Entries for Handbook of Tejano History
  • Applications for Texas Historical Markers
  • Unveiling Ceremonies for Texas Historical Markers
  • Public Lectures
  • Media/Publicity

The Team

Trinidad Gonzales

History instructor at South Texas College. He served as the American Historical Association Teaching Division Councilor, 2014-2017, and research area includes Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas during the early twentieth century.

John Morán González

Associate Professor in the English Department and the Director of the Center for Mexican American Studies at the University of Texas, Austin. Author of Border Renaissance: The Texas Centennial and the Emergence of Mexican American Literature and The Troubled Union Expansionist Imperatives in Post-Reconstruction American Novels.

Sonia Hernández

Associate Professor of History at Texas A&M University. She is contributing editor of the LABOR:Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas, board member of the Labor and Working ClassHistory Assoc., and has award winning publications on women and gender in the US-Mexican borderlands.

Benjamin Johnson

Teaches history at Loyola University Chicago. A member of the Texas Institute of Letters, he is author of Revolution in Texas: How a Forgotten Rebellion and Its Bloody Suppression Turned Mexicans Into Americans.

Monica Muñoz Martinez

Stanley J. Bernstein Assistant Professor of American Studies and Ethnic Studies at Brown University and an Andrew Carnegie Fellow. Author of The Injustice Never Leaves You: Anti-Mexican Violence in Texas (Sept 2018) and primary investigator for the digital research project Mapping Violence.